Positive residential programs have has proven to be the most effective way to implement change in a young person’s life especially when other methods have failed.  Many children are in needed life transforming family home.



Butterfly Home mission is to help youth transition successfully from foster care to independent living and experience a loving home environment where their lives are transformed.


Our program model combines safe and affordable housing with intensive case management and a comprehensive life skills curriculum in a supportive environment where residents can focus on achieving their education, employment and financial goals and gaining the strength and self-esteem they need to reach their full potential


Residency fee at Butterfly Home is $500.00 per month. There is no security deposit and no credit checks performed. Utilities, are included in the residency fee. After the first month, residents are allowed to pay the residency fee on a weekly basis, if needed. The basic requirements for residency are a commitment to working or staying in school. stay clean and sober, follow the rules and pay your residency fees on a time.


Criteria for admission are:

  • Aging out or aged out of foster care or homeless

  • 18-22 years old

  • Drug free

  • Demonstrate the capacity to live independently


Residential care is the most expensive intervention we do on a per child basis.  Many of the youth / young adults have resided at Butterfly House at no charge to them. One of the most important ways you could make a difference in a young person’s life would be to commit to a regular monthly contribution to support youth at the Butterfly Home.