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The people who can benefit the most from exercise and good nutrition are the ones who often cannot afford it.  In many at-risk neighborhoods, obesity and diabetes are huge problems and often for-profit gyms are too expensive. City Mission Gym is a nonprofit fitness center in Miami, is trying to change that.


The center is able to fulfill its vision, “Transforming families one child at a time” Through the support of community volunteers and staff who believe in the vision and love what the center is doing.



Monday - Friday                  10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Saturday - Sunday                                              






City Mission Gym offers memberships and personal training at prices that fit your needs and pocketbook. We offer monthly payments along with paid in full options. Month-to-month agreements are available for quarterly, annual, or semi-annual membership. Prices start as low as $19 a month, and your first session and evaluation are completely free.


No Contract

$5               Daily

$25             No Contract

$20             Student/ Senior


$19               Contract- Automatic Bank Transfer Monthly

$60              Three (3) Months        

$100             Five (5) Months     

$114              Six Months          

$220            1 Year                    


Free: Individual who cannot afford the membership donation are not turned away. Improving the health of kids, adults and the obese is too important. Members can utilize the facility for free by attending twice a month bi-weekly IMPACT youth / young adult Friday fellowship at 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm.


Cardio Equipment

We provide a range of cardiovascular equipment, from cross trainers to rowing machines to help you maximize your fitness.

Free Parking

We offer Free Parking in the rear of the facility for your convenience. 

Free Weights

The dedicated free weights area with a range of dumbbells, free weight bars, plates, and benches to help you to maximize your training. 

Training Area

A dedicated area aimed to help improve functional strength, acceleration, and endurance.

Resistance Equipment

These machines provide resistance against a certain movement, isolating the targeted muscle group. They operate using weight stacks allowing total control of your workout.


WiFi is available in house to members.


Training Details

Some areas that are commonly focused on include diet, muscle building, and weight loss. There are personal training packages of 12, 24, or 36 half hour sessions.



The facility offers individualized programs in a family-oriented environment. The center has free weights, fitness equipment, and exercise /dance floor. The best thing the gym offers is motivation and education.


We have an excellent variety of fitness classes to choose from. Our only goal is to provide you with the tools to improve your quality of life through your choice of exercise.

Unique Fitness Classes  

Below is a list of our popular classes along with a short description.


Body Sculpting - The use of light hand weights, bands, and bars for isometric muscle training.

Boot Camp -        This is a training session in a group setting (3 to 15 people).

Yoga -                    Yoga is an exercise designed to give you mental and spiritual discipline along with physical benefits.

Zumba -                 This is a combination of Caribbean and Latin dance designed to be fun while losing weight.

Kickboxing -        Enjoy a cardiovascular workout in the style of kickboxing aerobics.