The after school program is the foundation for all of our other programs. Children from K-12th grade enjoy the safe haven that is affectionately known as the Gym. 

The After School Program is a development and constructive alternative program for youths, both male and female. The program is highly motivating developmental that provides youths within the surrounding school district area with constructive alternatives to juvenile delinquency and alienation. This is accomplished through comprehensive programs in education, spiritual enrichment, leadership development, social, cultural and recreational activities.


Kids enrolled in the After School Program are provided with daily homework assistance and scheduled tutoring for those in need of it. The youth also receive enrichment service training in basic life skills, self-esteem awareness, conflict resolution, and anger management.



KIDFIT is a specialized Wellness Program offered to combat obesity in youths. Our supportive program help kids get started on the road towards a healthier lifestyle. We help transform destructive behaviors into positive habits that lead to sound nutrition and sustainable weight loss and to establish healthy lifestyles. We engage children in  understanding the importance of exercise as a lifelong component of good health and wellness.


We provide professional classes to help create a pathway to educational and professional opportunities, for the youth, through the study and performance of dance. Classes are facilitated by community partners.


(Empowering  Students To Elevate Enhance and Move forward)  this program is designed to teach youths the skills needed for success. Each component of the program is integrated into monthly themes that seek to focus on the development of self-esteem, character building, socialization, communication, and conflict resolution skills.  Prevention programs teach youths the skills to say “NO” and resist pressures that lead to premature sexual activity, drug, alcohol, and at-risk behavior. We help to build healthy self esteem & support within their social group.


Sports clubs often teach children a healthy way to belong. We teach sportsmanship and teamwork while developing interpersonal and athletic skills.


Wrestling emphasizes the development of the basic skills identified by USA wrestling. This program helps children develop good sportsmanship, mental positive strategies offensively, and defensively that is carried over into their daily life. This program foster positive thoughts, spirit, relationship and feeling among athletes, parents, and coaches.


The youth choir's purpose is to lead young people to have an encounter that will help them to be spiritually and morally conscious. We are committed to providing inspiration and opportunities for youths to effectively reach, teach and encourage others to have a personnel relationship with God.

IMPACT (Youth Fellowship)

The primary vision of iMpact is to lead young adults to have a spiritual encounter that will help them to be morally and spiritually conscious. Age-appropriate activities are provided.


Youths can be the most effective in reaching out to other youths. Developing leaders means training them to be a responsible individuals with the ability to share spiritual principles effectively, as well as training them to be good role models for younger children and those they encounter in life.


Our leadership development program provides young people with the skills and resources needed to become responsible members of society. This program includes setting up paid part-time job training.  Community performance, community service projects that teach students to accept responsibility for their community by helping others in need.